About GesherCity Boston

GesherCity Boston connects young adults ages 21-35 to the Greater Boston Jewish Community through online resources and events big and small!

We’re a program of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies.


This will be a place to preview upcoming events and make announcements for the young adult Jewish community. In addition, we will have opinions (maybe even YOURS) that bring these happenings to life. So what matters to you? Let us know and join our blogging team.


CLUSTERS – Volunteer-led groups based around a common interest or location. Our 25 Clusters range from age-based, neighborhood, general interest, and social justice – join as many as you like!

CALENDAR AND ENEWS – Comprehensive calendar of events planned by over 100 area organizations, all targeting young adults. The eNews is a weekly summary plus special featured event info.

“INFO EVENTS” – (i.e. the Kickoff and InfoSchmoozes) -An opportunity to meet representatives from all the organizations posting on the Calendar – usually in a bar or other local hotspot

LARGE-SCALE EVENTS – Events that give people the opportunity to experience something they won’t find anywhere else! Past Events include Bone Marrow Drive, He’brew Beer Tasting, Hamesiba (Jewish arts & culture)

Questions? Email us at boston@geshercity.org or call 617-457-8666.

We’d love to hear from you!


Ally, Alexis, Julie & Jeremy at GesherCity InfoSchmooze - 2/24/09

Ally, Alexis, Julie & Jeremy at GesherCity InfoSchmooze - 2/24/09

Alison Berenson – Director, GesherCity alisonb@cjp.org

Jeremy Goldberg – Outreach & Networking Coordinator jeremyg@cjp.org

Julie Aronowitz – Social Justice Coordinator – jaronowitz@jcrcboston.org

Alexis Gewertz – Program Associate, GesherCity and Birthright Israel – alexisg@cjp.org

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